Alphabetical by Wife's Maiden Name

P > Patricia Janis - Patton Barbara

Patricia Janis - Patrick Anita M
Patrick Ann - Patrick Camille
Patrick Camille - Patrick Colleen
Patrick Colleen - Patrick Deniese
Patrick Devonne - Patrick Evelyn
Patrick Evelyn - Patrick Jamie A
Patrick Jamie L - Patrick Kae L
Patrick Kara D - Patrick Kristy
Patrick Kristy - Patrick Loretta
Patrick Loretta - Patrick Mary M
Patrick Mary M - Patrick Palama
Patrick Pamela - Patrick Phyllis
Patrick Pilar J - Patrick Sharon
Patrick Sharon - Patrick Terri L
Patrick Terri L - Patridge Cheryl
Patridge Connie - Patron Michelle
Patron Nidia Y - Patschke Joan M
Patschke Joyce - Patta Edina S
Pattain Patrici - Patten Janet L
Patten Janet L - Patterger Donna
Pattergill Jane - Patterson Amand
Patterson Amand - Patterson Angel
Patterson Angel - Patterson Annie
Patterson Annie - Patterson Barba
Patterson Barba - Patterson Betty
Patterson Betty - Patterson Blanc
Patterson Blanc - Patterson Brend
Patterson Brend - Patterson Carla
Patterson Carla - Patterson Carri
Patterson Carri - Patterson Charl
Patterson Charl - Patterson Chris
Patterson Chris - Patterson Conni
Patterson Conni - Patterson Cynth
Patterson Cynth - Patterson Dawn
Patterson Dawn - Patterson Debor
Patterson Debor - Patterson Delor
Patterson Delor - Patterson Dolor
Patterson Dolor - Patterson Doris
Patterson Doris - Patterson Elain
Patterson Eland - Patterson Ettie
Patterson Eula - Patterson Gail
Patterson Gail - Patterson Glori
Patterson Glori - Patterson Hildr
Patterson Hirok - Patterson Jamil
Patterson Jamil - Patterson Janit
Patterson Jann - Patterson Jenni
Patterson Jenni - Patterson Jonet
Patterson Joni - Patterson Judit
Patterson Judy - Patterson Kara
Patterson Kara - Patterson Kathe
Patterson Kathe - Patterson Kay L
Patterson Kay L - Patterson Kimbe
Patterson Kimbe - Patterson Laris
Patterson Larys - Patterson Lenda
Patterson Lenit - Patterson Linda
Patterson Linda - Patterson Lisa
Patterson Lisa - Patterson Lorie
Patterson Lorie - Patterson Marga
Patterson Marga - Patterson Marth
Patterson Marth - Patterson Mary
Patterson Mary - Patterson Melin
Patterson Melin - Patterson Mildr
Patterson Mildr - Patterson Nancy
Patterson Nancy - Patterson Paige
Patterson Paige - Patterson Patri
Patterson Patri - Patterson Patri
Patterson Patri - Patterson Patsy
Patterson Patsy - Patterson Peggy
Patterson Peggy - Patterson Ramon
Patterson Ramon - Patterson Retha
Patterson Retha - Patterson Robin
Patterson Robin - Patterson Ruthi
Patterson Ruthi - Patterson Sara
Patterson Sarah - Patterson Sharo
Patterson Sharo - Patterson Shera
Patterson Shera - Patterson Sonja
Patterson Sonja - Patterson Susan
Patterson Susan - Patterson Tammy
Patterson Tammy - Patterson Teres
Patterson Teres - Patterson Tina
Patterson Tina - Patterson Triss
Patterson Trist - Patterson Vicki
Patterson Vicki - Patterson Wanda
Patterson Wanda - Patteson Cherie
Patteson Cheryl - Patti Susan Kay
Patti Tasha L - Pattillo Hester
Pattillo Jackie - Pattillo Sue A
Pattillo Susan - Pattison Marian
Pattison Minnie - Patton Amy M
Patton Amy N - Patton Barbara
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