Alphabetical by Husband's Name

W > Wheeler Buck D - White Alvin K

Whiddon Avian D - Whiddon John D
Whiddon John Fr - Whiddon Thomas
Whiddon Thomas - Whigham Ross D
Whigham Russell - Whinery Herbert
Whinery Herbert - Whipkey Russell
Whipkey Russell - Whipple Glenn R
Whipple Gordon - Whipple Norman
Whipple Oscar V - Whirley Donald
Whirley Gary O - Whisenant Burve
Whisenant Calvi - Whisenant Jason
Whisenant Jeffr - Whisenant Paul
Whisenant Paul - Whisenhunt Benn
Whisenhunt Benn - Whisenhunt Fran
Whisenhunt Gary - Whisenhunt John
Whisenhunt John - Whisenhunt Rhon
Whisenhunt Rhon - Whisennand Karl
Whisennand Rich - Whisman Ronald
Whisman Samuel - Whistler Dale N
Whistler Dale N - Whitacre Michae
Whitacre Paul F - Whitaker Berlon
Whitaker Berlon - Whitaker Carl L
Whitaker Carl R - Whitaker Claude
Whitaker Claude - Whitaker David
Whitaker David - Whitaker Donnie
Whitaker Donnie - Whitaker Franki
Whitaker Frankl - Whitaker Gordon
Whitaker Gordon - Whitaker Jackie
Whitaker Jackso - Whitaker Jeffer
Whitaker Jeffre - Whitaker John C
Whitaker John D - Whitaker Kennet
Whitaker Kennet - Whitaker Leon J
Whitaker Leon J - Whitaker Melvin
Whitaker Melvin - Whitaker Philip
Whitaker Philli - Whitaker Richar
Whitaker Richar - Whitaker Rodney
Whitaker Rodney - Whitaker Schube
Whitaker Scott - Whitaker Thomas
Whitaker Thomas - Whitaker Willia
Whitaker Willia - Whitbeck Philli
Whitbeck Randal - Whitcher Aubrey
Whitcher Aubrey - Whitcomb Lee M
Whitcomb Levi C - White Abel C
White Abmadshuh - White Albert E
White Albert E - White Allan J
White Allan J - White Alvin K
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